Посібники - Sociology - Issue. 100. T. 211

The magazine contains articles that highlights the problems of history and theory of sociology, methodology and techniques of social research examines the theoretical and methodological issues of industrial sociology and social psychology, social pedagogy and social work. The publication is intended for researchers, students and anyone who is interested in sociology.
Section 1. History and sociology theory. Metodology and methods of sociological researcher
1. Meizhys I.A. “Three Ukraines”: Socio-structural Analysis
2. Sliushchinskiy B.V. Modern Ukrainian Pryazov`ye: multiculturalism, assimilation or hybridization
3. Strelnikova O. O. Charity activity: attempts conceptualizing
4. Lyapina L.A. Multiculturalism in the context of the communitarian discourse
5. Рozdnyakova-Kirbatyeva E.G. Social historical memorial about Great Patriotic War by eyes of the Ukrainian citizens: analysis of sociological research
6. Ivanov O.V. Military readiness: sociological measure
7. Udris N.S. Vizualization of communicative practice as a dominant of social communications of the first decade XXI st.
8. Kovtunenko E. S. Methodological approaches are in a semiotic analysis
9. Kozlovska L.V. "Migration" and it simpact on the "political process": to the interpretation of terms
10. Brodetskaya I. I. Conditions of integral community development: culture or civilization?
11. Rozhanska N. V. Modern mission of hymanitarian university education
Section 2. Brance sociological knowledge
12. Lozko H.S. Problems of tolerance in Ukrainian society: based on the mutual relations of christians and heathens
13. Mints M.A., Oliynic A.I. Sociology of education: innovative processes
14. Piddybna K. S. The role of distant form of education in the system of the continuos of business education
15. Efteni N.M. The role of the legal socialization in the formation of civil society
16. Vasilevska N.S. Cinema audiences in the sociological interpretation: problems and prospects of study
17. Chorna V.О. Social - labor migration of people living in Ukrainian villages as one of the major challenges of migration
18. Bondarets B.B. Socio-cultural factors of formation of orientations of youth
19. Voloshchuk J.Y. Social and cultural significance of recreation in preschool child development
Section 3. Social psychology, social pedagogіka ta social work
20. Kanevskiy V.I. Personality correlates of parasuicidal behavior
21. Fesenko A. M. Areal of social aervices and governance of this basic theoretical concepts
22. Dimitrov M.F. National education of students as a factor in the integral formation of the personality
23. Tashkova Y.K. The contradictory nature of the institute of social welfare
24. Kucherenko O.V Role of students self-government in implementation of the state youth policy