Посібники - AMERICAN STUDIES IN UKRAINE -EXPLORING DIVERSITY. Materials of American Studies Summer School Mykolayiv, June 1-8, 2003.

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ISBN 966-7458-85-7
Materials of American Studies Summer School Mykolayiv, June 1-8, 2003
The 4lh American Studies Summer School was held at Mykolayiv State Petro Mohyla University for the Humanities from June 1 until June 8, 2003. It was designed to provide lectures and seminars covering various aspects of American civilization. The topics of the lectures were closely connected with such aspects of the American culture as history, geography, literature, law, religion, linguistics, education, journalism and problems of gender. The aim of the project was further acceptance of this discipline in Ukrainian universi¬ties for English Language Departments. The schedule of the School con¬sisted of 15 plenary sessions and 12 seminars for 40 Ukrainian university teachers with excellent command of English. The participants were selected on the competitive basis. 21 trainers (experts in different fields of American Studies) came to Mykolayiv from Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, and the United Stales. The main concept of the School was "American Studies in Ukraine -Exploring Diversity".
This book comes out as a result of those discussions about the subject matter and the future of American Studies in Ukraine, which were started by the participants and invigorated by their dynamic work during the summer school. The book is addressed to those who contributed to the American Studies in Ukraine by their participation in the summer school as well as to those who were unable to attend it, but implement American Studies into the university curricula and develop the course.

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